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Here is my meager collection of Eek! stuff. I am looking for more all the time. These items are not for sale so please don't bother to ask.
Sharky the Shark Dog squirt gun and
Eek! the Cat with a fan whistle built into
his stomach. Originally from Subway,
1997. See more Subway stuff below.

Sharky doesn't hold much water because of
his small size -- about 2 inches tall. When you
push down on the back of his head his mouth
opens and squirts.

Eek!  the Whistling Cat is about 3 inches tall.

Eek! the Cat plush doll still in his original,
slightly damaged box. Eek! is in purr-fect
condition but the box isn't. This doll stands
about 13 or 14 inches tall.

Manufactured by Marchon, Inc. 1992.

See both of my plush Eeks below.

Eek! holding a sign that says "Koombyeyah!"
This one is about 3-1/2 inches tall. Originally
from Hardee's, 1995.

Eek's arms can be moved up and down to
place the sign higher or lower.

Note the odd spelling of "kumbaya".

Annabelle toy from Hardee's, 1995.

Here is a complete set of all four
toys that were sold (not given away
as promotions) at Subway. They are
still in their original plastic bags so
you can't see them in this picture.

Set of 4 includes the Eek squirter, the
Annabelle pop-up (she bobs up and
down inside a cake when you roll it
along a table top), the Sharky squirt
gun and the Eek fan whistle.

From Subway, 1997.

This is an original paper bag that the
Subway toys (above) came in. It is
sealed in plastic to help preserve it.

From Subawy, 1997.

Here are both of my Eek! The Cat plush dolls
in their original boxes. The boxes are slightly
damaged. They are pretty flimsy. Both dolls
are in great shape, however.

Balancing Eek! toy from 1996.

The only  Eek! VHS tape ever released
by Fox Kids Network was this one. It
contained two episodes from the first season;
"Catsanova" and "HawaiiEek 5-0".

Here is a CD-ROM comic book based on
two episodes, "The Eex Files" and
"Eek Space-9". It was made in 1996.

This is a promotional 8.5" x 11" poster that
was sent to Fox affiliate TV stations. On the
other side is a brief description of the show
and a list of cast and crew.

There were three Eek! the Cat comic books published by Hamilton Comics in 1994.

Number 1 of 3

Number 2 of 3

Number 3 of 3

More comics:
This is a plastic sealed, heavy cardboard backed package that contains all three Eek! The Cat comic issues plus Looney Tunes No. 2. It was sold as a set of "Out of Print Comics".

Shooting scripts from the first season:

Episode 01 (00759)
Second draft Dec 12, 1991
Final draft received Apr 2, 1992

Episode 08
"EEK's International Adventure"
First draft June 15, 1992
Final draft June 29, 1992

Episode 09
"Hunka, Hunka Burnin' EEK"
Released as
"Great Balls o' Fur"
First draft July 7,1992
Final draft July 9, 1992

Episode 10
"The Whining Pirates of Tortuga"
"EEK's Young Boy Adventure"
First draft July 24, 1992
Final draft July 30, 1992

Episode 11
Originally titled "Road Trip"
Released as
"The EEKcidental Tourist"
First draft Aug 3, 1992
Final draft Aug 6, 1992

Episode 12
"The EEKsterminator"
First draft Aug 19, 1992
Final draft Sept 9, 1992