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A bit about the Eek! The Cat shows
The show was created by Savage Steve Holland and Bill Kopp. The first season's shows have copyright dates of 1992 and were originally aired starting in September of that year. The episodes are 20 minutes long and, with commercials, fill out the half-hour television slot. Due to their length, these first season shows had more time for story line development and are without a doubt much better for it than the following season's offerings which were only 10 minutes long -- but the short ones are hilarious nevertheless. The later season's shows shared the half-hour slot with The Terrible Thunderlizards and Klutter, both of which were also creations of Savage Steve Holland. Fox stopped airing the show in May 2000 but it still is being shown in Europe. For lots more information be sure to see the other Eek! web sites listed on the links page.

How can we get Fox to rerun Eek! or release Eek! on VHS or DVD?
Surprise! We can't get Fox to rerun or release Eek! at all!

The reason is because the "Eek! the Cat", "Eek! the Cat and the Terrible Thunderlizards" and "Eekstravaganza" shows were all sold as part of a package called "Fox Family Worldwide" to Disney. Fox no longer owns Eek!.
Please note that artifacts on this web site referring to Fox Broadcasting as the owner of Eek! the Cat shows are being updated and a few referrences may still remain at this time.

Visit this website: and be part of a petition to Disney asking that they rerun Eek! or release Eek! on DVD. In light of the new information concerning ownership of Eek!, those of you that already submitted an email to this petition need not send another email. The email directed at Fox will be sent to Disney instead and the intent of the petition will be the same regardless of who owns the show.

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